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Oh Lord Prepare Me to be a Sanctuary

Oh Lord Prepare Me to be a Sanctuary, 2017-2019

123 Unique Hand-Pulled Relief Prints

On average 123 people commit suicide daily in the United States.

2500 Hand-Painted Hearts

On average 2,500 people around the world daily commit suicide which is close to 1 million a year.

This installation is intended to raise awareness and prevention of suicide.  Being a child survivor of a parent that suffers from severe mental illness and suicidal tendencies, Brett often attempts to raise awareness about mental illness and the number of people affected by mental illness.  His hope is that the installation comforts those suffering by showing them they are not alone and evokes empathy in others to be more kind, understanding, and loving to all those we face daily.  We are all on individual journeys, and we never know the battles others are facing.

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